New Hardware VOIP devices, Alarm Notification Module etc. Hardware concerns

Alarm Notification SMS : See module requirements for Alarm Pipelines, Voice Notification Module, etc.
General: ( Not subject to much change )
Your Office (2019/2016/365) or Office (place) VoiceOverInternetProtocol (VOIP) server
Skype Connect, a Microsoft Product
AtcomIP01 ( Legacy- see IP02, I suspect )
GrandcomHT503 ( As above 800 series )
This is just to suggest that your mileage, and hardware may vary ( YMMV ).

Other hardware concerns: Airlink Raven XE, LS300 products are getting harder to obtain through Sierra Wireless. The Ignition 8 manual now shows support for the Airlink RV50, which is through a template. ( This part pertains to the SMS part of the story ). With support dropping for the Airlink RV50 on the horizon, the RV50X ( better enabled version ) should be next.