New icepdfviewer

Using my old filepath

\Ignitioncage\f\F Drive Share\AJ\CC09.pdf
that worked with the older icepdf viewer and the activeX pdf viewer.
This will not work for the new ICEPDFVIEWER

I also recieve this error when trying to open the window that contains the new ICEPDF viewer

NoClassDefFoundError: Could not initialize class org.icepdf.core.pobjects.Catalog

Ignition v7.6.1 (b2278)
Java: Sun Microsystems Inc. 1.6.0_45

a few questions what version of Ignition are you using? Are you using the new module PDF VIEWER? I assume you are at 7.6.0 or greater and used to use the Ice PDF Viewer. The Ice pdf viewer is no longer supported. There seems to be no way to edit the page with the Ice pdf viewer in 7.6.0 or greater. You can revert back to something like 7.5.7 and delete the Ice component on the page. Then upgrade to newer version and edit the page. I chose to just delete the page and rebuild it.
Hope that helps.

You will need to download the IA Labs PDF Viewer from the Module Marketplace and replace the Ice PDF Viewer with the new one. Same module, different name, essentially. Also, make sure that you download the version for 7.6. Additionally, you will need to replace the old Ice PDF component with the new component.

Using the new pdfviewer I can load the window that has the viewer in it and It works…the first time. If I navigate away from the window and return. The viewer is blank and I cannot see my PDF. If I save the project in the designer then the PDF will return… I’ve tried autocad created PDF and other PDF files . Same result.

Try updating your IA Labs PDF viewer module, there was a bug in it where this would occur. Also, please update your Ignition version to the most recent release if you have not already done so. Ignition 7.6.2 is available.

I’m running 6.2 and the IA Pdf Module is version 1.6.

I apologize, I misread our ticket for the issue. The issue is fixed for 7.6.3

I’m having exactly the same problem here:

I’m running Ignition v7.6.4 (b2013112117) and PDF Viewer 1.6.0 (b0)

Fixed upgrading PDF Viewer to v1.6.1 (b2013081211)