New idea need help getting started if available

An idea was presented in a recent meeting and I am not sure where to begin with it so i thought I would post it here and see what kind of responce I obtain.

Out on the production floor we have the production monitoring screens. They are set up as 1800 x by 1250 y. They are screens that you can change the axis on by flipping a switch in the rear. So the other orientation would make it 1250 x by 1800 y.

Well anyway to get to the point the supervisors voted and got their way to keep the screens on the longways with 1800 / 1250. And the owner of the company bought a new 52 inch plasma screen for his office but he wants to keep it 1250/1800.

So how easy would it be, or maybe it can not be done, to make it so that a screen displayed on the one monitor which shows 7 across by 10 down would change orientation and show 10 across by 7 down.

I have thought up one way to do it and that would be create another screen and if the IP address is not the one from any production floor machines then show the revised screen. But I was just wondering if there is a different way and what the other ways intail doing.

Thanks and have a great day. :prayer:

Your idea of having 2 different screens is going to be the easiest way of doing it.

In my startup script I want to take a look at the IP address. If the IP address starts with a 10 I want it to do this. If the IP address starts with anything else then do this. However I can not seem to find the right command to just strip out the first grouping of numbers in the IP address. Can you point me in the right direction?

I have tried substring but since that is an expression and not a script it does not work. And I also tried split. how do you get these to function in script?

You don’t. Scripting is Python, so you can use any of the standard python string functions.

This will get the first two characters of a string:

if ipAddress[0:2] == '10': # do something