New in 8.0.6: Component Rotation Improvements

New in 8.0.6 are tools for Component Rotation

These tools, and the rotation position property only apply to Components whose parent is a Coordinate Container.

The rotation property has been moved from META to POSITION, any existing values and bindings should be automatically migrated.

The rotation handle allows easy drag and drop alterations to the angle.

The anchor handle allows for easy placement of the anchor, the point at which the component rotates. During drag and drop, rotation is temporarily disabled so that the anchor may be placed with respect to the Component.

Of note when multiple components are selected, and at least one selected component is rotated, the resize handles are hidden because the behavior of resizing multiple components this way is not well defined.

Also this feature works with undo, and resize in the same way that dragging and moving a component does.


Has the original 8.0 bug with rotated components in coordinate containers been resolved in 8.0.6 (where attempting to re-position them using the arrow keys causes them to move diagonally in one direction, regardless of the arrow key pressed)?

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I’m unfamiliar with such a bug. Regardless, I’m not able to replicate what you described on 8.0.6 RC, so it sounds like this overhaul on rotation addressed the problem.

That issue, and other issues pertaining to moving and resizing rotated components are fixed. In addition, when ctrl + dragging to duplicate the newly duplicated Component will not be larger than the original.

Many of these fixes were due to the Designer using a more accurate method of determining the size and position of rotated components.

Please give 8.0.6 a try and let us know if you find anything.


We just upgraded our project to 8.0.6 and one thing that I hadn’t originally caught in @mperkins first post is that the rotate property now only applies to components in coordinate views. My project has a number of “template” views that set up as flex views that lost their rotate value in the upgrade. In most cases the rotated components are embedded SVGs that I can use the CSS transform property to rotate, but if I needed to rotate a built-in perspective component in a flex view is there a way to do so?

One option would be to wrap the SVG in a coordinate container like this Flex View -> Coordinate Container -> Icon component. Hopefully, that works for your use case. I’m on vacation for the next two weeks, but please leave your feedback, and I will be sure to circle back to this post.

I suppose that could work and would scale when resized if the coordinate container were set to percent mode. I don’t have a specific use case yet, I was more curious as to the suggested solution(s). Thanks!