New Installer Expirence

To the IA team… props on the new installer experience in 8.0.14 much cleaner and easier to upgrade modules not part of the installer. I’m sure there will be bugs to squash, but it is a minor but good update.

The windows installer was no issue, but I did have some problems with the mac installer and MacOS security coming down like a hammer and the installer just not doing anything, finally copied it out of the disk image and authorized it again and it launched.


Thanks for the feedback, those that worked hard on developing/testing this out will be appreciative!

If you do a Right Click -> Open on the Mac installer, it should at least give you the option to proceed when presenting the scary security dialog. We’re hoping to have notarization integrated into our installer build process soon (within the next couple of releases, hopefully) so all of this security nonsense can be avoided.