New level animation?

Hello I’m working in a level image, the idea is put two images at the same time, one of them shows an empty tank, and other shows a full water tank, they are in the same location but full tank image will show slowly according with level tag value, question is how can I show full tank image slowly, I have used system.gui.transform but it only resize image.

I’m not quite sure what you’re trying to achieve that can’t be achieved through the Cylindrical Tank or Level Indicator components, but assuming you’re trying to get a static background that ‘fills in’ with a color liquid as your tank “fills”, you could do something like this:

First, place your ‘tank’ image onto the window.
Then, create a shape that overlaps the area of the tank that you want to ‘fill’ with color. It’s important that this is a vectorized shape, not an image.
Once you’ve got this created, you’re going to need to modify the ‘Fill Paint’ property - specifically, the alpha channel of this property. This can be done with scripting, or an expression binding + timer, or a custom property on the shape (which I’d recommend making into a template).