New Lines in Production Require Multiple Saves-One Per Tab?

When creating a new line in the Production module, it takes me multiple passes to get every setting to stick.

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Steps taken:

  1. Right click on area > New MES Item > New MES Line
  2. Configure each tab of new line (General, OEE, Downtime, Schedule are the tabs I care about)
  3. Save Global changes, all clients restart
  4. The following changes did not “stick” and I must configure each tab individually and save for each tab’s changes:

OEE Tab:
-Primary Infeed dropdown
-Primary Outfeed dropdown
-Waste Calculation Method dropdown
-Ignore Changeover Overrun Production checkbox

Downtime Tab:
-Downtime Detection Method dropdown
-State SQL Tag text field
-Run Disabled Reason Code text field
-Changeover Overrun Reason Code text field

Schedule Tab:
-Production After Changeover checkbox

Obviously this is not ideal, as each save causes our production model to stop/start and all our clients restart. I am trying to promote 4 new MES lines (and 5 cells, which has the same problem), which will necessitate clients restarting dozens of times to fully configure the changes to the new production model if this is something I must do.

Is this a bug, or am I missing something obvious here? Here’s my versioning info:

Ignition Platform 7.8.1 (b2016012216)

Reporting Module 3.8.1 (b2016012216)
SFC Module 2.8.1 (b2016012216)
OPC-UA Module 3.8.1 (b2016012216)
Vision Module 8.8.1 (b2016012216)
SQL Bridge Module 7.8.1 (b2016012216)
Alarm Notification Module 3.8.1 (b2016012216)
Production Module 1.8.1 (b5962)
Web Dev Module Module 2.8.1 (b2016012216)
Mobile Module 3.8.1 (b2016012216)
Schedule Module 1.8.1 (b5960)
Recipe Module 1.8.1 (b5962)
Web Browser Module 2.8.1 (b2016012216)
OEE Downtime Module 1.8.1 (b5960)

Java Version: Oracle Corporation 1.8.0_66
(Note: I have also tried using 1.6.0_26 which has the same issue)