New man in the field

How can a new man start learning about ignition?

Free online training at might be a good place to start.


After you've pushed through the free training (which will include trial install/config/design exercises), consider using the Maker edition at home.


Can I learn from zero with python?

there's a section in the Ignition User Manual with the basics of Python, but otherwise, just Google/Stack Overflow/This Forum what you want to do, and you will invariably find an answer

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With jython, I find myself using the Java Docs more than anything, but python has its own library as well. Just be aware that when a resource refers to python, they are usually refering to Cpython which is not exactly the same as jython; similar, but not exactly the same.


@Le_Vy just make sure you search for python 2.5 (for Ignition 7.9 or older) or python 2.7 for 8+, anything with python 3 syntax won't work.

Before looking to any python/jython library, look to Ignition functions first - for example if you want to work with dates, use* functions, not import datetime. If there's no answer there, look to the java docs for a library (or search the forum here!). Remeber you're using jython so any standard java class is available to you. And as a last resort, check out the jython library.

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