New Module in the Marketplace: Time Series Database Cache

Automation Professionals is pleased to announce the release of Time Series Database Cache, a public marketplace module intended for use with very large and/or very high resolution historical datasets. From the marketplace description:

[quote]Delivers very large datasets to clients without GUI stalls by chunking the data and updating in the background. Includes expression functions and scripting functions to access the caches and manipulate resulting datasets.[/quote]Key Features:
[ul][li]Optimized for wide SQL Bridge historical tables[/li]
[li]Push data delivery to clients to reduce latency[/li]
[li]Queries from multiple clients consolidated at the gateway into shared queries[/li]
[li]Highly configurable timing properties on a cache-by-cache basis[/li]
[li]Includes a variety of helper functions and data types[/li][/ul]
Check out the Documentation for more details.

Reposted here as Kevin suggested.

Hey you should post this to the Ignition 7.7 area or something more general. I think this one is visible to registered module developers or those who have otherwise been added to the group.