New module mSCADA from PRAMANJ Technologies


We are glad to announce a new module called mSCADA for Ignition. This allows mobile SCADA Interface to Ignition.

Prafull Jaltare

Hi Prafull,
The requirement for a separate service from Ignition concerns me, as it greatly complicates a deployment. Especially when trying to avoid Microsoft Windows. Do you have any plans to implement the mSCADA service entirely within your Ignition module?

Hi Phil,

My Ignition module is just the gateway communication module, rest is independent of Ignition. Apart from this, there are basically two modules,

    • the mSCADA server which is just a standalone small application (its not a web server, just a java application which is a pubnub node. The name server is a misnomer).
    • two, the mSCADA clients which many be many pubnub nodes on the network.

So it doesn’t complicate the deployment. It can run on non windows machines as well. Further, it has potential of becoming a standalone SCADA based on new technologies like javascript , svg, node.js etc. This will augment the INGITION application with latest technology for users.


Ok. Time for me to learn a bit more about pubnub.

Hi did you study pubnub?
Did you also see my new module NJ-SCADA based on NodeJS server?
What is your opinion?


No, sorry. Hasn’t been a priority.

Hi everyone,
someone has some information about AR module for Ignition?
Thank you

Its undergoing a revision in the way it integrates with Ignition. Will keep you posted as soon as its done.