New Release?

I was in the downloads section of the website today and noticed that the release date of the current version is new, yet the version and build is the same as what came out a month or so ago. Is this really a new build or did the date just get changed by accident?

What happened was that a new version of the OEE Downtime module was released. None of the other modules changed, so that is why the version numbers are the same. The OEE Downtime module is packaged into the Ignition installer, so we upload a new installer when it changes.

Ahhhh, I gotcha. What where the changes to the OEE module?

Not sure what the exact changes were, but I sent a query to the OEE developers. They should be able to post details when they return next week.

We are currently working on getting the OEE release notes on the download site. They are on the development site and I hope will be on the release site shortly.

Here are the current release notes for beta.

Release: 1.3.3-beta30 Date: January 11, 2012


Improved - Key reason detection now latches on the original downtime event until line resumes

Added - Product Code Table properties “Hide Disabled Product Code” to hide disabled
product code from the table and “Product Code Filter” that will show product codes starting
with the text entered in the filter.
Fixed - spelling error in property of down time table

Release: 1.3.3-beta18 Date: December 31, 2011

Added - Redundancy support
Fixed - Exception calculating counts. Infeed, outfeed and waste counters now check if the start run count is valid. If not it is set to 0.
Fixed - License handling for multiple MES projects.
Fixed - Exception selecting production model when switching between projects in the designer.
Fixed - Cells in cell group not logging cell information
Fixed - Exception when subscriptions are removed.
Changed - New production models will default to disabled.

Release: 1.3.3-beta1 Date: December 19, 2011

Added - Additional factors table is now recording a “Live” record
Fixed - cell downtime minutes working in Downtime analysis

Fixed - Fixed MES schedule views not displaying events until an edit.
Caused by caching just line, fixed by adding ability to invalidate all line level caches regardless of subsequent parameters.
Added - Line selector has a property holding the selected line id.
Added - Down Time Table has properties for “Number of Shifts To display” and from “Selected Shift Sequence”.
Fixed - Down Time Table not allowing split of any event.
Fixed - Down Time History Binding function, Top Downtime Reasons not working right for cell or when showing total downtime.
Fixed - Down Time History Binding function, placeholder in calcTopDowntime. It was doubling it’s size each iteration instead of just adding a single space.

Added - allow client and designer compliance with Java 1.5
Fixed - When auto start after changeover is selected would not start but go into changeover overrun.

Release: 1.3.2-beta1 Date: November 23, 2011

Added - Down time and Comment analysis data is now updated immediately when they occur. Previously
was only updating every hour.
Fixed - comments analysis provider only showing a single comment.
Fixed - Run analysis cell data points not working.
Fixed - mouse over and click error on analysis charts legends.
Fixed - if analysis down time reason code could not be found then no record was displayed. Now
UNKNOWN will be shown for reason description.
Added - Log to analysis when an additional factor changes (string type only) instead of every hour.
Added - Run analysis and cell analysis data is now updated every minute instead of
every hour.
Added - Cell down time is recorded to the analysis tables if “Log Down Time Details” is checked
on the cell. Previously detailed cell down time was not available in analysis.
Added - “Hour of Run (as Date)” to analysis data points, allows using result in chart.
Added - Data caching for analysis results. Duration value set in gateway MES settings. Increasing the
value will reduce load on the database.

Fixed - Downtime Reason Table roll up down time entries only if they occurred consecutively.
Previously roll up was occurring on a per cell basis.
Fixed - Downtime Reason Table note entry dialog not shown on screen if clicked at bottom of
Fixed - Stored Analysis component “Menu” link not displaying when component initially created.
Fixed - Line Run Selector component show invalid line path error if no line selected.

Fixed - when saving the production model changes, analysis log data could be recorded as 0’s.
Added - User OEE calculation scripting.
Added - Cell groups. A cell group may be defined to hold multiple cells that can work like a single
cell for downtime and analysis purposes.
Added - Downtime Reason Description production OPC tag for lines and cells.
Added - Downtime sub-reason codes. Operator selectable reasons apply only to the parent reason code.
Added - Ability to upgrade the Production Simulator without re-installing demo project.
Improved - License checking
Improved - Auto scheduling database loading reduced.
Improved - Gateway console messages on MES updates.