New Report Module Parameters

Just now started getting into the new reporting and I am still confused on the Parameters and binding. I managed to create a report that is just using tag history to monitor values of a pump but I went to add in Start and End date components using two Popup calendars and I just added an expression to them for the End Date to use current day/time and Start Date to use Currentday/Time -1 day and I bound them to the Report Parameters on the Report Viewer for EndDate and StartDate. What do I need to put in the “Default Value (expression)” for StartDate and EndDate in the report designer because apparently when I look at the Design Window I get all kinds of date parsing errors. I just want to bind selectable start and end times to the reports tag history data and it seems to work but throw all kinds of errors up. What is the correct way of doing this?

I’d use the same default expressions you used in the component… now() for EndDate and dateArithmetic(now(), -1, “day”) for the StartDate. If you are always overriding the values, the actual expression you use doesn’t matter (as long as it evaluates to a Date), but this will let you see a typical report when you click over to Preview.