New security model not being fully pushed out to clients

I have an application running that was securited under the AD/Internal Hybrid model. I ended up changing the project to the Internal model, with an autologon for the ID and password. My problem is that the users are still being prompted for an ID and password.

When they type in their Windows ID and password they get an error. When they type in the ID and password for the Internal security model, they get in. It appears that the security for the project changed on the server, but the ID and password autologon is not working.

I found that if I delete the java application on their PC, when it is downloaded again, it works as expected.

Yes. The security model changed (this is on the server). The only thing that didn’t change correctly was the auto-logon change. That is because of Java Web Start caching (it is specified in the JNLP.) If you clear the java cache or uninstall the app and re-launch it, it will take care of the problem as you noticed.