New site chat feature

I do not like the chat feature.
Not sure what others think.

Reduces posts for clarification of how to do things.

I don't much care for it either. Private messages are better than personal chats, when appropriate.

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I think it's somewhat of a chicken and egg thing. Nobody's using it, so it doesn't have good nobody's using it, because it's got bad SNR. It can be disabled globally, but I was going to let it run its course for a little while first, mostly because people have asked for public Discord, Slack, etc, channels in the past, and I figure having it attached to the community forum is a lot more approachable/discoverable than any side channel.

That said, if the majority of the community finds it worthless I can certainly disable it sooner. I'm also pretty sure you can individually disable it in your user preferences if you just want to not think about it.

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Oh, I've already received a business inquiry through it, so I certainly won't disable it for myself as long as it functions for anyone. I like that PM's can be bookmarked externally. I didn't see anything like that for chats.

Huh. Hovering over a chat message exposes both internal bookmarking and external links.


If you expand the chat window, it does give you a direct URL, e.g. my chat with Kevin when we tried out the feature:

The numeric portion appears to directly increment (:grimacing:) but there's still access restrictions preventing you from directly crawling through all the chats.

Probably what I was thinking about doesn't matter.
If people give more comprehensive solutions in private chats it won't hinder me.
If I want to know something, I can post still.

Just took me a moment to work through the concern.

I can see how a live chat would be beneficial to a team or group working on something.

My rule about no free private help in PMs will apply to chats, too. Whatever anyone else might do.


I hope Twitter adds tip amount per tweet next to like count per tweet.
Then forums might add tips to posts.

Twitch has bits, and that strikes me as odd because it rarely produces usable code or profitable/productive techniques.

solution, heart, tips, link, dots, reply

I hope it is not too off topic.