New Stored procedure group doesn't browse oracle stored procedure


today we are using the trial version of Ignition 7.9.6 to test some use case and decide if develop our scada.

We are trying to call a stored procedure in designer from Transaction Group/New Stored procedure group
We have a connection in “Validate” user SYSTEM to Oracle Express 11.2.0.

When we open the designer “New Stored procedure group” select datasource but the dropdown “Procedure name”: is always empty (driver ojdbc6.jar)
We try to change also the jdbc driver with ojdbc8.jar but is always empty. Is impossible browse the stored procedure created in our database.
I also check other schema but the list is always empty.

We do another test:

  1. We write the name of stored procedure without browse (the dropdown is empty)
  2. We call with the name of the parameter in Target Name

Doesn’t work.

If we call with the index of parameter in Target Name the stored procedure is called and working. Is the same problem of this thread:

But seems resolved in 2010.

Of course we are trying to do something of wrong.

I try to open also a ticket support but i don’t know if with trial version you can answer me.



In my experience you’ll never be able to browse the stored procedure. Instead of that you have to write it in the box.

About using the parameters names instead of parameter index, depends of the oracle version. We tried with different versions (10, 11 and 12) and everyone uses a different jdbc (downloadable from oracle web page).