New svg graphics

I’ve been following the Inkscape tutorial to create animations on my SVG graphic to change the transparency…If you drag this button into Ignition you don’t see any of the XML stuff take effect and the button is now a rectangle with no gradients

How do I know if I have seperated the underlying PNG from the SVG I created?

Is this question asking how to do something within Inkscape?

I’m not exactly sure, I tried to post the SVG i made in Inkscape and it wouldn’t upload to this forum so I’m assuming there is an Underlying PNG in the file, How can I filter this out ? I saw in another post that someone had been having a similar problem importing SVG graphics from Inkscape but didn’t say how to fix this.

For some reason I’m actually not able to import anything created with effects or filters into Ignition.
I guess I need to go read what the update actually was for 7.5.3

have you tried to combine the object then try to bring it in to Ignition?

You may need to look at the Inkscape documentation.

I have tried to group them…
It seems almost like the opacity, and rounding ( which I believe are in the XML ) are ignored when I bring the SVG into Ignition.
I’ve tried Inkscape .SVG plain .SVG and optimized .SVG

If Inkscape is the problem, or the XML, I’ll just use something else… What have people had success using to bring in animated SVGs?

I could always just change the opacity after dragging into Ignition and the same could be said about the animation… The rounding of corners is kind of a drag and it almost seems like it would be better to develop graphics solely in Ignition designer.

I think I might have missed something somewhere. Ignition doesn’t support animated SVGs. The only way to animate an SVG in Ignition is by changing the image out to give it the appearance of being animated.