New tag type definition by my module

I would that my module adding a new tag type definition such as memory, exception or opc, and also add new data type like int, array, data set etc.
Is it possible? Any Idea? Thanks

There’s no extension point to do this, so there’s no way for the rest of Ignition to recognize it in any user interfaces, and similarly no way to create from XML or from the internal database. You can probably do so if the tags are created and maintained by your own tag provider. You might have the most success if such a tag provider subclasses the existing tag types so that the rest of Ignition can use them with existing UI components. Make sure that all of your subclasses and the internal data representation of your tags are Serializable, or Ignition won’t be able to send the tags to the clients.

Phil is correct, not currently possible, although this may become possible in Ignition 8.

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Thanks, for answer. I will try with Phil’s suggest.

Did this turn out to be possible in 8?