New to Designer looking to manipulate gauges

Ok I imported a couple gauge templates and now I need to know two things...

  1. how do you resize the gauges while maintaining aspect ratio? I'm used to holding shift to do that but it doesn't seem to work. I don't want my gauges to be disproportionate.

  2. I have many gauges that the needles do not show up. It must be a scale thing. For instance I am using the temperature gauge and it reads 189 degrees F. The gauge only goes up to 100 F. I have a pressure gauge that reads 305 but the needle doesn't show.

Any advice appreciated. Thank you

  1. You can resize objects and maintain aspect ratio with the [control] key.

  2. I saw that you had asked earlier about getting gauges, and were told to look at the cloud templates. Check if the one you are using has a max value property. Poke around and you will probably find what you want.

Those cloud templates are added by community members so they may not have what you are looking for. Feel free to make your own out of existing components.

[Control] to resize does the job!! Thank you

Ok so I can change the “gaugeMax” property to say 600 but then the intervals are really tiny on the gauge. see pic…any workaround for this??? I guess I would like a min and max range or a interval size. ???

I figured it out. I copied the template to a new template that has a different range and tick value. Works great!!

Thank you

I am trying to change the intervals too but it looks like it is automatic as per the screen size.
Were you able to achieve this in perspective?
Could you please point me in the right direction?

Thank you.

Perspective did not exist at the time of the OP.

I don’t have a whole lot of experience with this, but I’m guessing that the interval is based upon the scaling in some way.

@cmallonee or @nminchin may have something more helpful for you here.

This is true in Perspective. To accommodate screen sizes which could change during runtime, the intervals (value labels) display as many labels as possible (starting in increments of 10 for the outerAxis, and 5 for the innerAxis). As the available space shrinks you'll see that the Gauge removes labels in order to display as many as can be fit into the space without overlap.

Hi, yes.
How can i stop that interval to be automatic. The labels are getting too close.!
I probably need the interval to be 500.
motor data|690x339

Short answer: You can't.
Long answer: You can't, but... you could always open a feature request on the ideas forum to implement either an array of values to include as tick marks or an interval value to control the space between labels.

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If anyone else looking to achieve this, I created a needle image and a dial image with regular intervals and rotated the needle depending on the value.


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I want running value tickmark only instead of all needle tick marks can we achieve it by using your customised gauge?

I must not understand this question. I am able to achieve plenty of space between ticks by simply adjusting the tickSize property:

I see; you're working in Perspective. I was confused about what you were saying since this topic is tagged Vision. Your question will probably have a better chance of being seen by the correct people if you create a new topic question and tag it Perspective.