New to Ignition - backup/restore questions


I have a customer looking for support on an ignition system. What they've told us is that they have a runtime with no way to edit or move, instead they are looking for someone to rewrite the HMI project altogether as the source files are gone.

Are they correct? Is there no way to recover the project from a runtime? This is a fairly complex job and recovery would save them a lot of money.

Do they know what version of Ignition they are running? Are they actively running this project? If so, do they have access to the gateway that is running this project? If they are actively running the project, then it exists on the gateway since that is what provides the data and the 'runtime' to the (I'm assuming) vision client. The clients can't run without the gateway connection.

If they have locked themselves out of their gateway, there are ways to recover it.

Are you sure this isn't a request to replace a traditional hmi (like from AB) with an HMI that runs ignition instead?