New to Ignition - Create Sparkline

I am just starting to use Ignition and I love it! I now want to create a sparkline chart but I’m not sure how to tie it to the database. In fact, all I see is a database called “test” on our MySQL5.7 server. That is what Ignition is pointing to I guess because the DB connection configured doesn’t specify a database name.

So how do I build history in the database and then link a sparkline chart to it???

Thank you

I promise this isn’t a RtFM response, but you’ve asked a question with a lot of nuance based on how you want to do thing / how advanced you’d like to make a chart so the best answer I have check out the videos at the Inductive University site and specifically the videos in the historian section.

They are short videos (though altogether I think there are over 40 hours of videos you could potentially watch) that will visually walk you through the process of setting up Historical tags and getting data back from them.

As abishur says, Inductive university is your friend. Saying that, the main concept to get here is that you should turn on historical logging in the tag’s configuration for each tag you want to see in a sparkline, then point the sparkline at the correct point in the historical database. Sparklines display logged information.

I feel like both responses to this question missed the bigger picture. You can have multiple databases on your server. There may be one already called test. How do you tell ignition which database you want your data in?

When you turn on history for a specific tag, you specify which history provider to use. History providers (in the gateway web interface) are automatically set up with defaults for every database connection, so the default history provider list looks like the list of DB connections.
For other purposes, queries and chart pens first look at the project’s Default Database, and use that if no other is specified. All of this information is covered in both the user manual and Inductive University. The latter is tailored for those who don’t like reading manuals from cover to cover.

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