New to Perspective - Wheres the 'Map'?

New to Ignition Perspective. I keep seeing all these articles and how to edit the Map Feature, but where is it? I can even find how to start. Any help?

For any of the components, you can search for them by starting to type the name in the box above the component palette in the designer. Docs for the map are at

Ive tried that and no thing for ‘Map’ shows up. So im wondering if this actually an ‘Updated’ version im using even though is says it is…im far from computer savy so this should turn into a mess…the documents are great if you have the map loaded and ready to be used…otherwise there isnt anything on how to even get the map

The docs imply the map is new to 8.0.4, so if you aren’t running that version or newer, I’m not surprised you aren’t seeing it.

Im running 8.0.5 Ignition Platform…is there another update or upgrade I need?

I am on 8.0.5. No need to do anything. The map is a default perspective component.

But, there is tho… Ignition has a whole free online training university. I taught myself how to use it from this resource. If you’re going to be messing around with this stuff and you claim to not be computer savvy you should probably head there first… What is Ignition - Introducing Ignition

ok i figured it out. I was making views under Vision and not Perspective. So now that Ive started again under Perspective I can see the all the missing features. Too bad the Map wont goto the back so overlays can be placed on it, like text or even how to get it to change to show weather…guess Ill keep up the hunt and pick.

Thanks all

I think you can send it to the back, but the container you use can determine what z-order options you can have if any. I haven’t messed with it much, but I know there is an example in a video in the show your Ignition project threads recently.

If you’re not using a coordinate container, you can’t send things to the front/back because there’s no way for elements to overlap.

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well…thank you all…but this is far from user friendly and ive give up…go back to using something thats a bit more simplified to use

When software is used to create massive HMI/SCADA systems for industrial plants it’s not going to be as easy to use as Microsoft Paint, my friend.

When you know what you’re doing, Ignition is one of the most user-friendly pieces of software I’ve ever used.


Dude, I thought the same thing. When I first picked it up. I was a Robotics programmer. With no real Database, SCADA or Web Dev experience.

It is totally possible, and getting easier all the time,to learn these skills. There are amazing resources contained in this forum and on their site. Ignition is by far the most user friendly of these development platforms. And it sounds like its already up and running wherever you’re at…

If you commit to learning the idea of ‘containers’ and how bindings work and some python scripting(they are teaching this to my middle schooler age:12) . You can make really interesting things and a big impact on your organization. Not to sound like a jacka** but in my case I have significantly increased my salary and career prospects from learning this technology over the last 1 1/2 years…

Good Luck!