New to SQL

I am trying inductive automation for a trial to see if it is a product that we want to invest further time in and I am trying to setup a SQL database. I know nothing about setting up SQL and I think this may be as far as I can go. I understand the concept of SQL but I’m not a programmer. I installed MySQL on my computer to attempt to test but that’s as far as I got. Is there a simple setup to create a connection useful for using the inductive automation system? I don’t have weeks of time to learn SQL to just try this program. Any help out there in a video or paper that describes a basic setup?

How far have you got? Have you installed MySQL Workbench and can you create and view a database?

Once you’ve got to this stage it’s very simple to create a database connection inside Ignition which gives you access to the database. Remember that most of SQL involves just 4 commands (INSERT, SELECT, UPDATE and DELETE) so the basics don’t take long to learn.

If you post back your progress we should be able to get you going very quickly.

I have downloaded MySQL Workbench and created a new connection of LocalHost on the default port 3306. Where do I create and view a database? I went to the toolbar and selected Database | Query Database and selected the connection I built. Stopped.

When you select your stored connection and press OK, does the SQL Editor window open?

(As an aside, you should see your connection in the left-hand pane on the main Workbench screen - you can open this by double-clicking it.)

Sure did!

Well, you should be able to create a new schema (database) by right-clicking on the Object Browser list. If you want to add your own table to the database (not necessary for standard Ignition operation) you would right click on the ‘Tables’ folder underneath the new schema and select ‘Create Table’.

Once you have created the database, you would open the Ignition website on your machine (normally localhost:8088), open the Configure page and add a connection to the database you just created. When using MySQL, you would choose the MySQL ConnectorJ driver. Your connect URL would be ‘jdbc:mysql://localhost:3306/database_name’ (without the quotes), where you would replace ‘database_name’ with the name of the schema you created. Remember also to set the username and password of your database server here.

Once you’ve created the connection, you can create an Ignition project and set its Default Database to the database connection you created. You should then be good to go.

Post back if you get stuck at any step or want further advice.

I’ll give it a go. Thanks for the help!