New user account won't launch project

I just set up a new user with name and password and when he tries to launch the project he said something flashes in the bottom of the browser, but nothing happens. I am not close to where he is at so I have to go off what he said. He only has access to view parts of the project. He is using a persons computer that has different access so maybe that is why? He is a new employee who will be getting his own computer soon so if that is the case shouldn’t be a problem.

Thanks for the help.

AIThePal - I apologize, I deleted your post on accident. I think I was on auto pilot for a few seconds.

pbrandt - Does this user have the necessary privileges to do what he is trying to do? It sounds like something else is going on other than a problem with Ignition. You mentioned that he is using another persons computer. Does this person launch clients from this computer? If not, is Java installed?