New user alarm questions


  1. I have enabled alarms and history for tags in my UDT and see an alarm and timer icon in the Trait column of the Tag Browser, however, the icons do not show up for the instances based on the definition. In the instruction video, the instructor shows instances with an icon for history (a scroll in the video, which I assume has been changed to the timer icon). Is there a new option I need to configure to show the little icons? The alarms and history are working for the instances, but it would be handy to see an indication in the Traits column.

  2. Is there any way to limit the Alarm Status Table to one Tag Provider?


Regarding 1st, it sounds like a bug, try by restarting panels or just reset the designer. The only configuration to look in a udt instance to be the same as udt is to keep over ridden disabled,

2nd, yes you can filter by tag provider just for Ignition 8 versions I think,

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Thank you for your answer. I closed and restarted designer and the icons showed up in the Trait column.