New User - Silly Question

I'm trying to make some visible when i hover over it, it doesnt seem to work, im guessing when its "visible" property is false its actually gone so doesnt have a boundry to hover over. Is there a way around this?

Also on one of my rectangles the the outline of the shape cannot be taken away it changes with stroke style.. i dont want one is there a way to remove it?

First, is this Vision or Perspective?

  • Generally, an invisible component is completely out of the chain of events. The workaround would be have a container around the space for the element and place an event on that.

  • Borders are separate properties or styles. So, yes, should be possible. (If vision, make sure your properties editor is set to show all properties.)

Thanks, Phil, its in vision.

I hadnt thought of adding a container that will certainly work.

The other one was a rectangle which didnt have a border. I stupidly missed something obvious of clicking none on the strokepaint.