Newbie again - Store and Forward missing Data

Hi All,

I am back again. Thank you for the assistance with the DB connection. My issue now is once restored all the data in store and forward does not appear to have transmitted. I am hopeful we did not lose all the data that is missing. Our DB connection faulted due to a TLS change on the SQL server. I was able to resolve that with help from here. But we are missing a lot of data.

This is what I see when I look at store and forward status. I was expecting the local cache to go to zero once all the data was transmitted.

Does this indicate that there is still data stuck in the local cache? How do I get it to transmit.

I am an ignition newbie ( I am an IT network guy) and trying to help the maintenance teams resolve this issue.

Drill into the specific connection’s S&F status and use the retry button there.

Maybe I am looking in the wrong place. This is what I see. I do not see a retry.

Hello Ron,

You’re correct, the data still hasn’t been fully forwarded. There’s 125,308 records still in the local cache. If you’re not seeing that number decrease at all then you may want to consider following the steps in the below Knowledge base article to set up a backfill connection. By creating a second connection, you can allow your existing connection to focus on storing current data and the new connection will backfill the data cache data.

If you would like assistance with configuring this or want to troubleshoot further, I would suggest getting in contact with support.

Even though it looks greyed-out, try clicking the “Retry All” button anyways. I’ve seen that work before.

That did not work.

Thank you. I will read over that. the current connection seems to be idle the vast majority of the time. I will reach out to support also.

The green banner at the top of your image suggests the license is not there or is incomplete. Note that pushing this data out of the S+F buffer may take more than 2 hours. I have also seen instances of reduced functionality in a trial mode gateway, however that was more Edge gateways than a full version deployment.

The banner shows from my understanding because the integrator also installed some modules as trial.

The DB connection has been restored for over a week now. I have the same issue on both cells that lost their connection.