Newbie Help

I am trying to evaluate SQL & PMI for use as a site wide data aquisition system to collect OEE information.
I have used other products like Citect, RSview32, etc but have never used python.
I have loaded the demo application and have it running, I have also looked at the videos and downloaded manuals.
I am still having a little trouble getting started on a new project as I am only just grasping the concepts.
Are there any step by step manuals?
I am looking for info re creating a project from scratch
generating your own symbols, etc

The FactoryPMI videos should be good to cover specific topics. I’d first look at:

Web launching, FPMI property binding and expressions, SQLTags, navigation, and scripting.

The manual is a good resource. I would start with the “designer” section and read under “concepts”.

If you haven’t already, sign up for a web demo. They’ll be happy to show capabilities and briefly go over implementation.

Another good starting point is the skeleton project from the “goodies” download section. I think you’ll be able to get rolling quickly once you get started. We’re happy to answer any specific questions on the forum.

As to the (Python) scripting - you probably will not need to use it much beyond the GUI “builders”. There’s a disproportionate number of scripting questions on the forums because it’s more difficult, albeit often not necessary.

Like Nathan said, the live web demo is a great way to get oriented - and don’t worry about a ‘hard sell’ or anything - thats not what its about. Plus you’ll get introduced to some support staff and have a chance to chat about your project’s architecture and design which should help you get started.

Nathan & Carl,
Thanks for the info.
I am waiting to hear back from a collegue, working at Nexans Canada that is apparently implementing your product, before I sign up for a demo.