Newly added User/Role/Security Level Struggles

I recently added a new user role: engineering under the default identity provider. I added a security level with the same corresponding name.

However, I edited project permissions to add the “engineering” role to have view/save/delete permission–but the role still can’t login to the designer.

Additionally, it can’t use that role to log-in to the gateway either.

What connection am I missing?

Ignition version?

8.0 (.14)


Did you update the following items:

Go to:
Config > System > Gateway Settings (8.0.x)
Config > Security > General (8.1.x)

  • Designer Role(s) *
  • Gateway Config Permissions
  • Status Page Permissions


  • Designer Role(s) * - Administrator, engineering
  • Gateway Config Permissions - Authenticated/Roles/Administrator,Authenticated/Roles/engineering
  • Status Page Permissions - Authenticated/Roles/Administrator,Authenticated/Roles/engineering

This is in the gateway?
I do not see a ‘Security > General’


Sorry, I did that on 8.1.3, give me a minute for 8.0.x

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Go to Config > System > Gateway Settings with the same settings.

Got it. Thanks!

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