Newron System NLopcTE server

I have a trouble with Newron System NLopcTE server. It get information from Lon-device. When I add it to OPC servers on Ignition gateway I can’t see any tag in the tag browser.

A lot of problems with OPC-DA drivers come from the networking level - being based on DCOM it can be hard to connect across domains for example. A few questions:

  1. Are you using the Ignition OPC-COM DA module?

  2. Are there any errors being displayed in the console?

  3. Have you tried using an OPC client from another manufacturer to check whether you can see the data?

I have OPCcom module and I used an OPC client from other manufacturer and it can read all tags.

There are no errors in console.

Ok. Is the Newron Server on the same machine as the gateway?

Sorry. Posted before finishing my thought. :laughing:

I was thinking on maybe trying the OPC Tunneler. Let me find the link.

Found it!

On the surface it still sound like a DCOM issue. The tunneler may help you bypass that.

Can you describe how to add OPC server into Ignition using this module?
Thank you.

You can read up on it here:

OPC COM tunneler doesn’t help. There are no tags in Ignition.