Next Gen Dashboard & KPI Framework

I’m having some trouble getting the two of these to work correctly.
On the Next Gen Dashboard (found here Ignition Exchange | Inductive Automation)

I feel like i followed the installation instructions to the letter and for some reason I’m not seeing any components display. From icons to actual ‘widget’ components, nothing is displaying.

On the KPI framework project (found here Ignition Exchange | Inductive Automation)
I also feel like i followed the installation instructions to the letter but when I import the project zip file (in the gateway) there aren’t any views in the designer for some reason.

Is anyone experiencing similar behavior?

Hi @michael.edmonson1, (11.4 KB)

For the icons/graphics, those are missing because I missed adding the dashboard.svg file to the <gateway directory>/data/modules/com.inductiveautomation.perspective/icons folder. I’ve updated the install instructions and added the file, but IA will need to approve the resource before it appears on the exchange. For speed, I’ve attached the dashboard.svg file to this post. You should be able to add it and get things going. (You may need to restart the Perspective module or gateway to have it work).

For the KPI Framework, I’m not sure where to start other than asking what version of Ignition you’re attempting to import the project into? The project was exported from 8.1.10. So if you have a version lower than that, I can see why the import would have failed.

Thanks @rcrownover ! that should help a lot!

As far as the problems im having with KPI Framework, I am using 8.1.11.

@rcrownover I also had issues getting the views to import. I eventually got it to semi-work by rebuilding the project zip file, removing the first directory. I still noticed a few issues, it became the default page, instead of the dashboard, and it was still failing to load views when picking different atomic types. I will continue to play with it.

I really enjoyed watching the Build-a-thon, you did a great job!

I’ll need to do a dig on this. I think there’s an issue with the way I took the project backups, or zipped them.

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