I’m working on proposing/designing a system from scratch, including many of the MES modules. I plan to use an ELO I-Series at each machine for the client. I’d like to use ELO’s NFC/RFID readers for user login. Has anyone tried anything like this?

I’m doing a presentation on Ignition to all of our sites in a couple of weeks and login methods is something I have to discuss. I’m new to ignition but not SCADA systems. All of my prior applications for similar systems have not required access directly at machines.

Are your sure you want to use the ELO systems? They are android based which means you would not have native access from Ignition to the hardware to use the RFID (it might work, by may get complicated).

It depends on how you implement things, but you could have the client log in as a generic user then use the data from the RFID to process a switch user based upon the results of the RFID scan.

We’re doing this at a customer’s site with Turck RFID readers. The system logs in automatically and displays a landing page. When the user swipes their RFID, the code is read by the Ignition server using Modbus TCP. If the login was successful, the displayed page is changed to something appropriate for the user. You could if you wanted actually change the logged in user at the same time. Works well and feels pretty seamless to the user.

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