NI OPC Server Faulted

Hi, I started a project using Kepware but am now trying to use National Instruments OPC server instead. It looks to me to be Kepware KEPserverEX5 replicated bar the title and port. When trying to setup the OPC UA connection states faulted. In the NI OPC admin it has a connection request from ignition which I have set to trusted. So it appears to me that it is trying to connect, I am not sure why it is faulting out.

Edit to add version 7.7.5 on windows 7 32bit. I also checked the console and found this:

I’m currently using 2.6/4GB

I will try deploying on a 64 bit machine with more RAM.

That StatusCode would be coming from the server. You might see if anything in their documentation mentions what/why that would get sent.

I tried it on a 64b machine with 8GB ram and got the same console message. I tried to find documentation for this but didn’t have any joy. I will contact NI next week as we have a service contract with them.