Nice Meeting Everyone at ICC 2019

Think this year more than any, I met a TON of forum members at ICC. Just wanted to say it was great meeting and chatting with so many of you. Also wanted to say thanks for all you do to make these forums what they are.

For those that weren’t at ICC this year, you also deserve thanks. There were multiple mentions of the forums as a great place to learn/help/solve problems for many users, and we at IA could’t possible do it alone, so thanks for helping ‘own’ this awesome resource.

Look forward to meeting more of you next year!


So much this.


Thanks you so much for this ICC and all the websites and time that IA team provide to exchange Ignition knowledge.


I can’t get the Toto song out of my head…


I’m glad (I think?!) I’m not the only one.

Fortunately, I crack up every time it pops in my head. So proud of our team’s ability to go above and beyond in the name of good fun!

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It really was a great video, hilarious! If you haven’t seen it, it is still available in Kevins buildathon project right here:

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