Nightly 8.1 Changelogs - 2021

Nightly Changelog: 8.1.7-b20210603


2553: Scripting can execute reports in disabled projects
Attempting to run a report in a disabled project will now throw an error.

2545: Perspective Project Update Route Handler Times Out Too Aggressively
Prevented HTTP 503 error updating Perspective projects.

2709: iOS - Unable to launch Perspective sessions successfully on iOS 12 and 11
Fixed major regression introduced in 8.1.16 that was preventing launched Perspective sessions from loading when using older versions of Safari browser (11 and 12).

2683: OPC UA Server Diagnostics table is not displayed after enabling diagnostics
Fixed issue of OPC UA connection diagnostics panel not showing up.

2695: Perspective expressions and transforms fail to catch RuntimeExceptions thrown by various expressions
Fixed issue that could cause an expression binding to fail to provide a value under certain error conditions.


2307: Label mismatch with Intermediate CA Certificate in SSL cert chain setup
Fixed header for root certificates in web server certificate wizard, updated descriptions to be more accurate and consistent.


1740: Add char() and ordinal() expression functions
Added char() and ordinal() expression functions.