Nightly Changelog: 8.0.0-beta.20181108-0221

Here are some of the changes in last nights published build. Thanks for your participation!

Ignition 8.0 Beta Changelog - 8.0.0-beta.20181108-0221

Ignition Platform - Gateway

Stability improvements in driven and leased subscriptions
Fixes to tag Alarm property bindings
Parameter bindings now visible when editing running instance of single tag definition inside type definition
Improved handling of edits to history bindings

Gateway Status Pages

11404 - Tag Status Page provides more accurate counts/status of tags

Client/Designer Launcher

11563 - Init and Max heap sizes are now supported for launchers

OPC-UA Module

UUID is regenerated if previous file had invalid or missing UUID


3rd party notices no longer missing after installation
11569 - No longer create erroneous Program folder during windows installations/upgrades


Spinner component now correctly binds Numeric Minimum / Maximum to Engineering Low Limit / High Limit instead of to value, when created from Tag drop

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