Nightly Changelog: 8.0.0-beta.20181120-0221

Only a couple notable items merged in yesterday, most significant being an update to the Look and Feel (visual styling). Lots more in the pipeline, thanks for your continued participation!

Platform - Designer/ Vision Client

Upgrade Look and Feel

Numerous fixes, updates, icon additions to the designer and Vision clients


FB11035: Fixed XY Chart when binding to tag history data

Change includes new inputFormat axes property to specify custom date formats and new default format to match the format provided by tag history.

Nightly Changelog: 8.0.0-beta.20181120-0221

Rather than make a new post, I am going to just add on to the existing one, and change the version in the title so that people can bookmark this one post to visit when they are interested in changes. Also make it easier to see a list of all changes since some previous date.

Ignition Platform

FB11614 Versioned JRE upgrading

The embedded JRE is now managed much more intelligently when upgrading and installing.

FB10394: Replace Static User Manual Links in the Software with Permalinks

FB11300: MySQL multi-schema compatibility fixes

FB11613: add ids to Tags page in Gateway

FB11624: Restore deleted JDBC_DRIVERS_ID sequencing


No longer error on null dates in a Date array during export

Fixes for legacy system.tag.browseTags

  • Legacy browse function no longer returns udt definitions, to match 7.x behavior
  • Legacy browse function now returns memory, expression and query tags when the tagType is specified as “DB”, to match 7.x behavior
  • Folders and udt instances are no longer filtered, and will appear with filtered atomic tags in browse results. Before this, the presence of folders/udts in the results was inconsistent for both 7.x and 8.0. Now folders and udt instances are always in the results, and the user can run further browse calls on them to retrieve more filtered atomic tags. Note that this change affects both the legacy and the 8.0 specific system.tag.browse function.


10954: Copy/Paste from a coordinate container in percent mode no longer reduces objects size

FB11062: Fixed error overlay for clickable inputs

disable event propagation to stop child component from firing when svg on click

FB11618: Fixed issue where Coordinate Container Percent modes would render a number components at the wrong size

Legacy conversion fixes 11_06

  • Fixed a bug with an incorrect folder chain id on a udt override
  • Lots of tag ranking work to ensure the correct ordering of udts, and ensure that no member of a udt definition can ever be loaded before any udt instance
  • Now handles the scenario of duplicate udt member ids existing for different udt definitions
  • Added a CustomerLegacyTagConverter with a custom logging filter that allows conversion issues of a customer’s internal db to be far more easily diagnosed.