Nightly Changelog: 8.0.0- beta.20181210-13

Here are some changes published this week.

IALabs Modules

FB11993: Webdev module now loads properly in the designer

Ignition Platform

FB11954 Add custom properties to tag browse model

FB10926 Removed type column from multi-instance wizard. Defaults parameter math to integer formatting.

FB11786: Fixed inability to move/copy tags between providers

FB12000: Change app_quit_handler logger to debug

FB11942 NPE When Creating UDT Instance In Non-Default Provider

FB11717 Tag rename to existing name shows error after closing dialog

FB11950: Using system.tag.exists() In The Script Console Returns False For Any tag path which does not exist fixed

FB11994, FB11991, FB11947, FB11895 Various Launcher fixes
Added the ability to modify the gateway address for an Application in the launcher. Fixed Launch + create shortcut that was broken for the Vision Client Launcher. Added the Gateway Address to the collapsable titled pane in the Vision Client Launcher. Updated the launcher icon to the correct one.

FB 11750 and FB 11987: TagEditorDialog fixes
The formatString field was not updating in the UI when the tag’s datatype was changed to a date. Also FB 11987: Fixed NPE when creating a new tag and hitting Apply before OK.

FB10867, FB10868, FB11053: Security Levels and Identity Providers Gateway Config UIs

FB11443 Vision Branding Updates
Threw away the old layout manager and replaced it with Miglayout for the login screen.
Project image icon now scaled to max of 90px (default).The project title appears now when there is a message.The Close button has been updated to match the invision prototype. The login content is now wrapped in a scrollpane so the user can always get to the content.


Custom Properties and much more!
This is a continuation of the “custom properties” PR from before. Also fixed the issue with system defined parameter bindings, improved the binding editing experience, and fixed a range of editing issues.

Barcode Component
Component that allows users to input barcodes using their own scanners. Uses prefix/postfix settings to capture barcode, or a regex pattern.

(re) implemented OPC UA connection failover

Set configured keep-alive settings on OpcUaClientConfigBuilder

Call ResendData when subscription notification data is lost


FB11922: NPE when pressing Escape key while on page configuration screen

FB12011: Tag reference in an expression binding now works without specifying a provider if a default provider is specified on the project.
The expression editor’s tag picker now inserts a tag path with [] at the beginning when picking from the default provider.

FB12009, FB11967, FB11778, FB11990, FB11968: More popup revisions related to components and popups themselves

FB10614: Better defaults for tag drop component creation

FB12032: Indirect Tag Bindings With Interpolated Values References Which Contain an Underscore Now Work

FB11245: Project Title Changes Now Persist In Perspective Project

FB11019: Updated Perspective favicon

FB11111: Bidirectional checkbox on bindings are now disabled if transforms exist


FB12013: Lazy load web browser Vision component to prevent startup error


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