Nightly Changelog: 8.0.0- beta.20181213

Ignition Platform

FB12016: Remove antialias everywhere in Vision, minor UI cleanups to improve look and feel consistency/appearance


FB11501 Perspective table improvements

Many improvements to the Table component, here is a summary of features and fixes worth noting:

  • Subview rendered by rows no longer appear highlighted on mouse over.
  • Views configured on a column now receive the following parameters:
  • Toggle switches and checkboxes can now be horizontally aligned as configured.
  • Disable browser default text selection behavior across browsers.
  • Multiple interval selection no longer duplicates data.
  • Clear selection when both enableRowSelection and enableColumnSelection are disabled.
  • Selection data now includes data of columns added by additional column configs.
  • Table filter now shows a results count.
  • Pager page jump input field no longer requires double click to edit.
  • Boolean values and zero are now properly represented.
  • Added right click context menu to table body, currently dedicated to only copying selection data to clipboard.
  • Table no longer breaks with empty data source.
  • Display empty data source UI if data source is empty.
  • Render toggle switch/checkbox in edit cell if configured, instead of rendering the cell’s actual raw value.
  • Render either a text or number input field in edit cell depending on the cell’s raw value.
  • Add activePage prop to the pager prop to manage the current active page of the table if pagers are enabled.
  • Add advanced hide property to pager that results in the visual hiding of pagers.
  • Made default font size of the table body smaller.
  • Misc. UI updates.

FB11922: NPE when pressing Escape key while on page configuration screen

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