Nightly Changelog: 8.0.0- beta.20190103

Here are some recent changes that should be available as of today’s build.

Ignition Platform

FB 11680: json and xml imports can now handle udt definition imports to either the root folder or the _types _ folder

FB11567: Make db directory if it doesn’t exist

FB11466: Legacy Template Navigation Panels Change Colors When Tabs Are Selected

FB12073: Tag Groups Cannot Be Created When Default RTP is Deleted

  • Remove hardcoded ‘default’ for tag provider name.
  • Provide designers default tag provider as root for default tags. Previous provider for default tags was blank which defaulted to the gateways default tag provider.

FB11846: Document Datatype Reports Bad_Stale when Defined as a JSON Array
Allow all DocumentElements as QualifiedValues

FB11451: Use an updated Jython jar to avoid deadlocks

FB11674 Importing UDT Instance with Rename option throws error.
The main change is that we now pass children edits in as actual children to the TagConfiguration, instead of just equal in a list with full tag paths.


FB11134: Removed last remaining /main references in gateway addresses
The /main reference in a designer’s gateway address was causing redirects on the gateway, which couldn’t handle redirects with large payloads. Designers and clients will never use /main again in a gateway address, and users cannot add /main manually with the 8.0 native client launchers. So it is safe to remove the path from GatewayAddress.

FB10775: Fallback on pasting String values in the perspective node editor

FB11370: Fix scrolling behavior in Perspective tag drop customizer

FB11888: Modify logging for opening perspective view in designer

FB11965: Gateway tries to serialize perspective sessions, throws an error on startup

FB11098: Action Configuration Screens

FB11358: Removed manual calculation of height and used flex instead for dropdown

FB11049: position image relative to button container
Position image relative to the button it is contained in rather than the entire view.

FB10977: Added get to PyDocumentObjectAdapter

FB11612: Deleting files while view being edited is in folder throws NPE


FB 11946: Fixed deserialization error related to quality codes stored in a component’s dataset