Nightly Changelogs - 2019

Nightly Changelog: 8.0.5-b20190913

Ignition Platform

14383: Tag Status Page Needs Corrected Links
Fixed an outdated “Relatime Configuration” link located on the Gateway’s Tag Status page. The link should now correctly lead to the Realtime Tag configuration page.


The following enhancements have been made to the Time Series Chart and Brushed Time Selector components

14703: Add UI to show the chart is panned or zoomed
The Time Series Chart now has an icon in the top/right corner when the chart is zoomed in to any level past its base time range (1x zoom). Clicking on this icon will return the chart to its base time range. Milestone: Ignition 8.0.5

14704: Do not allow pan/zoom to exceed the time boundaries of the series data
Both the Time Series Chart and the Chart Range Selector cannot be zoomed out past their standard level of zoom. Previously, these charts could be zoomed out indefinitely showing white space on either side of the charted data.

14690: Maintain zoom while polling
The Time Series Chart will not refresh its time range if it is zoomed in. Previously, polling data would refresh the chart and bring the zoom back out to the base time range (1x). This was cumbersome if you wanted to zoom in closely to scrutinize data.

14818: Allow pan/zoom to be disabled
Both the Time Series and Chart Range Selector have their enablePanZoom properties exposed as component properties so that a user can disable pan zoom behavior if they choose. This property is set to true by default.

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Nightly Changelog: 8.0.5-b20190923

Ignition Platform

14968: Fix a race condition in OPC read-after-write
Fixed an OPC read-after-write race condition where it was possible for a read value to be older than a value supplied by subscription.

14955: Prevent the expression property from becoming a binding when overriding in a UDT
Fixed an issue where tag expressions could accidentally be turned into a binding by overriding the value in a UDT instance, which caused the original expression to no longer function.

14976: Badge is now set when adding a new user
Fixed an issue where RFID badge configuration was not set when adding a new user from the Gateway’s Config Web Interface.

14791: Fixes to handle a master redundant node gateway rename.
Fixed an issue where renaming a redundant Master Gateway was causing the backup’s Gateway Network Connection to go down, and was also causing clients connected to the Master to temporarily disconnect and reconnect.

14673: A redundant master will now send approved gateway network certs to the backup
A redundant master will now send approved gateway network certificates to the backup. Certificate denial and delete requests are also now sent to the backup.

14959: Set authentication methods on Ignition IdP token
Logging in to Ignition’s IdP will now set the authentication method (such as “badge” or “pwd”) to the “amr” attribute, allowing Security Levels to be granted based on how the user authenticated.

14813: Check for circular UDT inheritance during legacy tag conversion
Prevented a StackOverflowError that could occur during legacy tag conversion (7.# to 8.0+) in cases where UDT definitions contain circular inheritance.


13460: Allow columns in Table component to be invisible, but still make their data available via view params and selection.
Added a “visible” property to columns on the Perspective Table component. When disabled, the column we become hidden, but the underlying data is still accessible via view params and scripting.


14682: Avoid index out of bounds in reporting data sources tables when deleting last row
Prevented an IllegalArgumentException that could occur when deleting the last row under the “Selected Historical Tags” table on both Tag Historian Query and Tag Calculation Query data sources.


8226: Fall back on openWindow when system.nav.openWindowInstance is called in the Designer
When calling system.nav.openWindowInstance in the Designer while the targeted window is already open, the function now swaps to the opened window and passes parameters properly. A warning will still be thrown, stating why a new instance wasn’t opened.

Nightly Changelog: 8.0.5-b20190924

Ignition Platform

14891: Fix UDT import + rename
UDT types imported with the Rename collision policy would add child tags to an existing UDT with the same name instead of the new UDT.

14784: UDT parameters are now merged instead of overwritten
Fixed an issue where the system.tag.editTag() script function was setting all other UDT parameters back to their default values when adding or modifying a UDT parameter.

14635: UDT Error Indicator
Updated error indication in the Tag Editor to better illustrate invalid UDT inheritance. The indication will appear in cases where the Parent Data Type references non-existent UDTs, or when there is circular inheritance.

14080: Add Oracle support to SECS/GEM module
SECS/GEM module can now be used with an Oracle database for equipment connections.


15034: Log warning instead of throwing when DataTypeTree browse fails
Made failed OPC UA DataTypeTree browsing attempts log a warning, instead of throwing an exception.


14702: Add simple UDT type cache to the client tag manager to avoid slow performance
Made some changes to how UDT Definition caching worked, specifically with the intent to improve performance in Vision windows that contained many UDT bindings.

Nightly Changelog: 8.0.5-b20190925

Ignition Platform

14988: Now trapping and logging any exceptions that occurs when loading a tag group
Prevent Tag Group startup failure in cases where the provider contains a Tag Group that has an invalid name; e.g., using an empty string as the name.


14022: New Perspective Favicons
Reduced the file size of Perspective’s Favicons.

14701: Tree component onItemClicked & schema enhancements
Fixed a bug where the onItemClicked extension function on the tree component was not firing.

11583: Component Resize and Movement Undo
Resize and movement of Perspective components are now placed onto the Designer’s undo stack, allowing for undo and redo through keyboard shortcuts and/or buttons.

Nightly Changelog: 8.0.5-b20190926

Ignition Platform

14448: Parameter names that clash with alarm property and tag property names are resolved incorrectly
Fixed an issue where tag properties in alarm bound expressions were unable to resolve.

15045: Add the ability to create new projects on Exchange import and deal with Module/Platform version mismatches
Added the ability to create a new Project from within the Ignition Exchange Import Wizard - to be used as a target project for importing.

14882: Avoid NPE on bad response in DNP3 scripting functions
The DNP3 driver now guards against NullPointerExceptions in cases where a response isn’t received during scripting (binary and analog points)

14658: UDT parameters that shadow tag props don’t propagate value changes correctly
Fixed a bug where UDT parameters that share a name with a tag property (such as “TagGroup”) wouldn’t trigger value changes updates in member bindings (e.g., property on a member tag bound to a UDT parameter) correctly when the value of the UDT parameter changed.


14985: PieChart should make use of example and not default in schema
Corrected an issue where the Perspective Pie Chart component would attempt to merge default data with user configured data, which could potentially add unintended wedges.

14681: Fix Perspective Carousel memory issues
Fixed memory leaks in both the Carousel and Pie Chart components. Made additional improvements to the Pie Chart, including the ability to bend labels around chart slices and wrap long labels.

Nightly Changelog: 8.0.5-b20190927

Allen-Bradley Drivers

15067: Fixed a silent NPE after an error browsing template instance
Fixed a bug that left tags in bad quality and the driver to stop polling after encountering a missing template browsing v32 firmware.


14557: Fix installer warning message about WebDev/Web Browser not being updated on upgrade
Installer no longer incorrectly warns about not upgrading the Web Browser and Web Dev modules.

Ignition Platform

15001: Access Denied when trying to edit MQTT tags with system.tag.configure
Editing MQTT tags through scripting not longer results in an Access Denied response.

14953: Import 7.9 tag parameters as class type String
When importing tags from a 7.9 export, the legacy conversion process will now convert all parameters to strings, to prevent any conversion exceptions that could potentially occur.

15032: Add property value back into OPC group item evaluation
Fixed an issue where Transaction Group items would only return the value of an item, regardless of what the Value Mode selection was set to.

13203: Better script wrappers for PropertyTrees
Improved the functionality of property tree related scripting objects, making them act more like Python lists and dictionaries.

14967: Do not include array element in tag path when attempting to retrieve tag info
Vision’s Tag Binding config editor window no longer throws a NullPointerException when manually binding array elements.


14943: TabContainer FlexRepeater Issue
The contents of a tab in the Tab Container will no longer overflow outside of the component under certain circumstances.

14956: Fix infinite execution loop caused by failing to mark all references clean when encountering a bad indirect tag binding reference
Fixed an issue where Invalid indirect tag binding references would generate high CPU usage.

14070: Fire model events only when page is connected to prevent queued tasks from executing, diff alarm table json to improve client side performance
Fixed an issue on the Perspective Alarm Status Table where the component continued to poll alarm data after the session was closed. Additionally, improved client side performance by updating data only when changes are present, and not every polling interval.

Nightly Changelog: 8.0.5-b20190930

Ignition Platform

14443: Expression tag upgrade isn’t setting Execution Mode to Tag Group
Expression and query tags now have their execution mode set to Tag Group on upgrade/import to 8 to match their 7.x behavior.

14962: Returning Bad_NotFound when reading from non-existent tag provider
Attempting to interact with non-existent tag providers from a script should now return “Not Found”, instead of other quality codes.


14562: Updated border color for recently modified views
Updated the border color on the “Recently Modified Views” entries on Perspective’s home area.

Ignition Edge

15095: Update Vision module id for EdgePlugin
Edge gateways no longer incorrectly show the Panel plugin as missing when it is actually installed.

Tag Historian

15049: Fixed tag history ignoring the deadband setting and storing history for every tag change.
Made historical memory tags use the historical deadband setting when in discrete mode.

Nightly Changelog: 8.0.5-b20191001


13824: Added session.getPages() and getPage(id) scripting methods
Added getPages() and getPage(id) methods to Perspective session objects

The 8.0.5 RC and 8.0.6 nightly are now available. You can download those here.

Nightly Changelog: 8.0.6-b20191003

Ignition Platform

14577: Remote System now render under All Providers folder
Fixed an issue where Remote Tag Providers targeting a system provider were being rendered under the Tags folder in the Tag Browser, instead of under the All Providers folder.


14744: Moving Analog Indicator
Fixed an issue where the Moving Analog Indicator component was unable to render decimal values properly.

13176: Add absolute vs mouse-relative positioning for popups
Added a Relative Position option to the Perspective Popup Action, allowing the popup to appear near the mouse cursor.


15093: Catch all browse failures while building DataTypeTree
If DataTypeTree is built incorrectly while Ignition is attempting to connect as an OPC UA client, the gateway will now catch and log errors instead of aborting the attempt. .


4852: Error and warning box hold focus until close
By default, error boxes and warning boxes will gain focus if a new error or warning occurs while the box is in the background (behind the Designer or a Vision Client). This behavior can be suppressed by minimizing the box, or by disabling this behavior via a new toggle UI in the box.

Nightly Changelog: 8.0.6-b20191004

Ignition Platform

14733: OPC Tags Will Not Accept Case Changes on Commit
Fixed an issue where casing-only changes made to non-expression tag properties were not being committed.

14753: Incorrect historical tag path- tag browse tree historical mode
Fixed an issue where the Vision Tag Browse Tree component in Historical mode was returning invalid historical tag paths.

Nightly Changelog: 8.0.6-b20191007

Ignition Platform

15114: Fix a memory leak when creating and deleting projects
Fixed a memory leak that could occur when creating and deleting projects.


13964: Making dataset a proper type for the Dropdown options property, checking for label and value in options
The props.options property on Perspective dropdown components now accepts dataset values without throwing warnings.

15121: Fixed flaw that caused extra write on in/out parameters
Fixed an issue that could cause view in/out parameters to write back to bindings on view initialization.


15065: Template Canvas - Changes to instance position shouldn’t reload all instances
Making positioning changes to an instance in a template canvas will no longer force all instances to reload.

8066: Template Canvas - Customizer needs positioning labels
Added some labels to the Template Canvas Customizer’s absolution positioning fields, suggesting what the value in the field pertains to.

8310: Template Canvas - Customizer was not adding z or parameters column
Fixed an issue where adding templates to the Template Canvas with the customizer would not create the Z or Parameters columns. In addition, the customizer now has a Z-Index field, allowing the value to be specified from within the UI.

8883: Template Canvas - Add a property to disable the loading UI
Added a “Show Loading” property to the Template Canvas, which can be disabled to avoid the loading UI.

8529: Template Canvas - Customizer needs a scrollbar
Added a vertical scrollbar to the Template Canvas Customizer UI, providing better accessibility to templates with many parameters

Nightly Changelog: 8.0.6-b20191009

Ignition Platform

14881: Catch error on query execution from null datasource
Fixed an error that would occur if a named query with a datasource parameter was bound to a tag.


13958: Support non integer ticks for a Linear Scale
The Perspective Linear Scale component now supports floating point tick marks.

14706: Mark Down List Style
The Perspective Markdown component will now indent ordered, and unordered lists.

14756: Mobile Interaction added to the Time Series Chart and Chart Range Selector
Improved mobile interaction support for both the Time Series Chart and Chart Range Selector:

  • Both charts support pinch and pull to control zooming
  • Chart Range Selector allows brushes to be drawn with a single touch point
  • Brushes on the Chart Range Selector can be moved with a single touch point

Nightly Changelog: 8.0.6-b20191010

Ignition Platform

15145: TagProviderRPC cleanups around auditing
Fixed an issue with tag auditing, where full qualified values would be written to the audit log on tag write, rather than just the updated value.

14811: Fix ResourceTreeNode#getResource inheritance with overrides
Fixed an issue where the wrong resource would be displayed in the scripting editor in certain complex inheritance scenarios.


15140: Add Perspective OverviewContributor
Added a Perspective card to the Overview page under the Status section of the Gateway’s Web Interface.

Nightly Changelog: 8.0.6-b20191014

Ignition Platform

14945: Add SSL Protocols setting to SMTP server config
Added an “SSL Protocols” setting to SMTP Profiles, allowing users to specify which protocols will be allowed if connecting via SSL/TLS.

14977: Update TagSetBuilder to use writeBlocking and allow new pathing format
Vision’s “Set Tag Value” script builder now uses system.tag.writeBlocking. In addition, fixed a bug where the script builder was unable to write to UDT parameters due to Ignition 8’s newer tag path formatting.


15047: Lazily fetch the chart instance in XTraceAction to prevent leak
Fixed a memory leak on the Classic Chart, caused by new XTraceActions being given a reference to previous JfreeChart instances.

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Nightly Changelog: 8.0.6-b20191015


14957 Improve OPC-UA connection wizard
Fixed a wicket error that could occur during OPC UA discovery when a null was returned.

Nightly Changelog: 8.0.6-b20191016

Ignition Platform

14731: Unwrap priority objects in alarm properties to integers
The HightestAckedPriority, HighestActivePriority, and HighestUnackedPriority alarm properties now have Integer values instead of string representations.


14538 Add auto setting to Dock Panel content
Perspective Docks now have an “auto” content option, in addition to push and cover. Auto acts like cover when the viewport is smaller than the Auto breakpoint, and push when the viewport is larger than the Auto breakpoint.

14796: Perspective component helper icons
Added component badges to signify certain component configurations. There are now badges representing the following configurations:

  • binding
  • view permissions
  • property change script
  • message handlers
  • custom methods
  • event action
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Nightly Changelog: 8.0.6-b20191017

Alarm Notification

15129 alarm status transition
Fixed a bug where the Pipeline Status tables on the Gateway’s Alarm Pipeline Status page would be stuck with a Status of “Transitioning to next block”.

Ignition Platform

14991: Update tag alarm label property description
Updated the description on the Label property, stating that the property will return the name of the alarm in cases where a label value isn’t specified.

14975: Now sanitizing brackets in a managed provider tag path
Fixed an SDK issue where ManagedTagProviders were unintentionally creating folders when square brackets were used in a tag path.

15080: Recreate manifest on back button in ProjectDialog
Fixed an issue where the ‘Create New Project’ form in the designer would not be re-initialized, leading to a project being created with an incorrect name.

14871: Live lock caused by BatchContext executing while locked
Prevent a potential livelock that could occur in the tag execution system.

Modbus Driver

14790: Fix the one-based addressing setting
Converted the One-Based Addressing setting in Modbus devices to Zero-Based Addressing. Upon upgrade, the value on the new property will be inverted automatically to maintain backwards compatibility.


15036 Launcher respects retries, added new modal with feedback Fixed an issue where Client Launchers weren’t respecting timeout and retries settings when attempting to target a gateway that isn’t running. Additionally, added a new modal that provides feedback about the attempts

10043: Add system.gui.getScreenIndex
Created a new function that returns an integer value representing the current screen index, based on which screen the function was called from.

Nightly Changelog: 8.0.6-b20191018

Enterprise Administration

14563: Improve EAM send project resources task
Updated the EAM Send Project Resources task to work with inherited projects.

Ignition Platform

14991: Update tag alarm label property description
Updated the description on the Label property, stating that the property will return the name of the alarm in cases where a label value isn’t specified.


15213: Fix broken i18n translation on refresh tooltip
Fixed a broken tooltip on the refresh button located on Vision’s Tag History binding window.

Nightly Changelog: 8.0.6-b20191021

Ignition Platform

14738: IdPs are now keyed based on name instead of ID
Identity Providers are now referenced by name instead of internal ID. Additionally, a default Identity Provider can now be set at the Project - General level in Project Properties. As a result the the Perspective - General level property is being deprecated.

15198: Executing template repeater loads on its own single threaded executor
Fixed an issue where multiple Template Repeaters loading concurrently could cause the client to freeze.


13211: Introduce a project scan lock
Fixed an issue where saving a project while a file tree update occurs could potentially lead to missing or empty resources.

14839: Page models can be slow to build which results in failed references
Fixed a Jython issue that caused Perspective pages to load slowly, which could have potentially resulted in failed scripting references

14734: Adding a Legend to the Time Series Chart Component
Added a legend to the Timeseries Chart. The legend can be positioned in different locations (top, right, bottom, left) and styled.


Nightly Changelog: 8.0.6-b20191022

Ignition Platform

13965: Fixed project tree issue caused by 500ms delay
Fixed an issue that caused the Project Browser to show resources in the wrong location after they have been moved by drag-and-drop.

Added a new scripting function,, to give easy access to blocking and asynchronous HTTP requests from scripting in all scopes.


15240: Fix case sensitivity in ImageDropDialog
Fixed an issue where images with capitalized filenames couldn’t be uploaded in Perspective via drag and drop.

13525 Perspective component tooltips in the Project Browser
Perspective component nodes in the Project Browser now show the component type as tooltip.

13106: UDT drop parameter binding doesn’t maintain letter casing from the UDT definition
Fixed an issue where parameters names on embedded views created by UDT drag-and-drop were forcibly using lower case names, instead of maintaining the casing on the underlying UDT members.


15116: Forward port of Report Viewer NPE fixes and some minor cleanup
Prevented a Null Pointer Exception from right click menu on the Vision Report Viewer if a report was not loaded.


15215: Historical browse tree right-click menu
Prevented an exception that could occur when right-clicking the Tag Browse Tree component when it is in historical mode.

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