Nightly Changelogs Stopped? (Sept 2023)

The nightly changelog thread hasn't been updated in 11 days. What's going on?

We'll take a look... :eyes:

I was wondering the same thing and thought maybe there were some surprises for the upcoming conference they were keeping under wraps.

At first look this is a natural side effect of branching for 8.1.32 RC on August 28 and possibly some PTO ahead of the Labor Day holiday.

After RC branching changelogs come from tickets closed against the next release but, to the extent people are focusing on 8.1.32 and just ramping up on 8.1.33 there may be no tickets closed out against the latter.

Related, there was a single 8.1.33 ticket closed last night but it was tagged "no release note" and thus generated a changelog like this:

Nightly Changelog: 8.1.33-SNAPSHOT-b20230905

**No changes to report.**

But the publishing process suppresses empty reports like those.

All this said, rerunning some queries to confirm my suspicions above ...


No tickets closed in the (8.1.33) nightly build in the past 11 days except for the one that had no release note. By coincidence that one was mine and was an enhancement to one of our Jenkins jobs; no impact on Ignition itself.

Sorry about the confusion. Sort of a perfect storm of a few factors.

As we ramp up our 8.3 efforts, you should see more instances of this. Nothing to panic about.

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