NIOEventLoop and high cpu usage

Hi,I am having an issue with high cpu usage even i do noting in designer or client .every time ,i can find an warning named NioEventLoop.any one have ideas?Thanks!.

Look at your log: those clock drift events usually mean your system is bogging down for other reasons–usually a DB on the same box, or if a VM, the hypervisor starving your gateway. The busy event loops are likely just the flurry of threads discovering they’ve all timed out together because of the pause-the-world.

Fix your starvation problem first.

Also, switch to G1GC. The concurrent-mark-sweep garbage collector is horrible. Start here:

thanks , I read the post for times ,but I have no enough knowedge to understand it .I’m using win10,jave 8,ignition 7.9.12 ( 7.9.14 have same issue). here is my ignition.conf. should I make any change?


Yes, change your first two “Additional Parameters” to look like this: