NMEA 2000 Protocol for Marine Systems

Has anyone used Ignition to communicate with NMEA2000 devices found in the marine industry?

I've heard of folks doing it in our community, but I'm not sure exactly which devices they've used.

The general rule of thumb here: You'll need a device to convert NMEA2000 to a protocol that Ignition understands. If you're using CAN for your NMEA 2000 communication like most folks do, there are a lot of dedicated protocol converter devices to run NMEA2000 to simple TCP packets or Modbus that are on the market, and there might be one now to go NMEA2000 to MQTT. I think there's even a straight N2K to OPC UA device out there, though I haven't heard of anyone using it yet. OPC UA can be a tricky protocol for device manufacturers to get right, so using one of the other options might be a safer bet.

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