No AlarmNotificationProfileType 'SlackType' found


I'm trying to make an alarm notification module that uses a REST to SMS service. I've copied and modified the slack alarm notification example from github but neither are working.

I'm seeing this in the log for the slack module and similar for my modified copy of it:

No AlarmNotificationProfileType 'SlackType' found, using NoOpProfile. module-name=Slack Alarm Notification Example, alarm-notification-profile=Slack

Is this error causing it to not work? How do I fix it?

Ignition version 8.1.32 on Fedora 37.

This message means there's a profile instance that has been created of type 'SlackType' but for whatever reason at this point in time no module has registered an extension point of that type.

You'll probably have to share some code or whatever modifications you've made.

This is with the unmodified example code from GitHub.

I have added and removed the module more than once. Could that be the issue?

Possibly. If the module has a life cycle bug, such can often be worked around by restarting the gateway.

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Thank you. Restarting the gateway seems to make things work again. It seems a bit random as to whether that is required or not as sometimes I can reinstall the module after making changes and it doesn't have the error.

Something else I've noticed is that on module reinstall sometimes the i18n strings don't load. Restarting the module fixes this.