No Animation Knowledge!

Platform = 7.8.0

Hopefully someone can steer me in the right direction.


I have two levels on each side of the filter. The filter is the white bar that divides the two levels. The filter will pivot on the lower right hand side of the level indicators in a 90 degree swing “so 0 to 90 degrees”, it’s sitting at 45 degrees now. I have two level indicators sitting on top of each other which would portray the levels on each side of the filter. I have drawn up what I want the image to look like when the filter at 45 degrees and the left level is lower than the right level.
My problem is only portraying the level on it’s given side of the filter while blocking out the other side.
I’ve tried layering the two level indicator, I’ve tried drawing a rectangle and dynamically moving the Y and Height coordinates but nothing works good enough for a representable image.
Hopefully someone has done something like this and can navigate me into the correct direction

I’d use the paintable canvas for this, drawing each half and clipping the part that would overlap the other half. This thread should give you a starting point to work from:

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Thanks for the info. I’m heading the paintable canvas way

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