No Available Historical Tags in Chart Data Property

I am trying to set up a Chart to display a “Pump Pressure” tag. The tag is an OPC “float” data type.I believe I have configured the tag as a historical tag correctly, but it does not show up in Available Historical Tags section of the Tag History Binding for the Chart Data Property. I tried dragging the historical tag onto the chart but that did not succeed.

I recall having to restart something (maybe the gateway… was a long time ago) to get a newly added historical tag to show up for selection at some point in the past. Usually they show up quickly.

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Thanks. Alas, restarting the gateway did not work either. Nice suggestion though. I appreciate it.

I’m guessing the refresh button to the right of the historical tag selector doesn’t help either.
Maybe try restarting the Designer.

Correct, neither of those worked either.

Is your SQLBridge module faulted by any chance? I noticed that your license is incomplete, that may cause modules not on the license to fault. Also, are you getting anything in the logs? Does everything look right on the gateway Status > Store & Forward page and do you see your data if you open the database directly with a database editor?

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The SQLBridge module looks OK. The logs have things that appear to be unrelated - not sure. Store & Forward is definitely complaining about something. The PostgreSQL version is 12. I see some tables in the database that originated from Ignition, but they have no data. I have attached a few more pictures.

Judging by the error on your store and forward page, you will need to upgrade your JDBC driver for Postgres. Checkout the KB article for it here
Once you do that, try retrying everything in the quarantine and see if that fixes the issue.