No correct answer for Inductive University challenge question

I’ve run into some of the problems stated in previous posts to this forum, but this is different one.
A challenge question lists 5 different answers. 2 of them were in the video. Each returned an incorrect answer when submitted. So I went a tried each of the others. 5 answers and 5 incorrect returns. So how does one pass this challenge.

It is similar to the one that states selecting components on a window in designer changes the window. The correct answer is not what happens. Selecting the component does nothing but put focus on it until the component or window is changed, but the question wants the answer that says selecting changes it. Selecting something in a designer window does not immediately change the component.

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Greetings. Would you mind finding the question and contacting the training department ( Sounds like there may be a problem with the way the question is currently configured. Note that we’ll need to know the wording on the question to look it up.