No Ethernet/IP driver for Micro800 Lineup

I'm in the planning phase of a municipal SCADA system where we're proposing the move away from complex hardware like CLX in favour of the Micro lineup because the hardware is more affordable and fit for purpose. I've made the pitch to the county. They like the idea of spending 80% less on hardware across their 25 sites.

So I grab my Micro850, spin up Ignition on a server and go to get things talking, and realize the only way I can talk to a Rockwell Micro is via Modbus.

I can't tell you how frustrating this is. The enhanced functionality I want to offer isn't possible without strings, and they aren't supported with Modbus.

What are my options?

We use a Maple System G-01 Mqtt Gateway. This device has a driver so that you can communicate directly with the Micro800 series Plc. Then we use Cirrus Link Sparkplug B Mqtt protocol (Bidirectional).

I'm in the Oil & Gas Industry, we have very remote locations that communicate through our own Cellular Private Network, this has been working great for us for years. I have 100's out in the oilfield.

Micro800 direct support is coming soon from Automation Professionals. PM me if you would like to participate in alpha testing in a week or two.


Having trouble DMing on here since I'm a new user, but I'm certainly interested. Please let me know how else I can get ahold of you.

My profile shows my company website, and other links. For this, just use my company sales email.

Hi Phil,
I don't have any project soon with the micro lineup but I've a Micro on my test setup and I will have some time in spare the weeks to come. So I'm in to participate in the test phase.


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This will be great news when released.