No historical tag information could be found for any of the specified paths


I have a problem in the tag historian for udt in the project. I could see the following error in the gateway for a specific machine which i could not able to find the cause of the issue.

Kindly help in resolving the same.

Check the obvious stuff first.

  • Do the tags exist?
  • Is history turned on?
  • Is there data for the date range selected?
  • Is the date range working properly?
  • Does it work for another machine?

Please check the attached the pic for reference

I’m not familiar with the report you’ve shown. How do you know that that’s related to your missing tags? I meant that you confirm that history is enabled in the tag definition.

Another thing that cropped up on a post recently was that the tags were provided by another OPC server with an clock set to 2009 (in 2022). The historical values were saved with the wrong date and wouldn’t show up in the selected historical date range.

this seems wrong, if it were variables it should not show up like this in the log, meaning its parsed as text?