No information could be found for historical system 'ignition-TEST'. Please verify that the system is correctly storing data to the specified database ('LOCAL_DATABASE')

Helle everyone, I'm facing some issues in which I have mentioned in the title,
What I have done:

  1. Had a db named: 'new db' and I changed this to LOCAL DATABASE. But everything was working fine till 2 days back. I have changed the DB 6 months back. Now only I'm facing this error .
  2. I have a gateway tag change script which I'm taking some tag data and pushing it to DB and updating it once it is received.
  3. I'm not using any charts(I have seen some threads for those in similar scenario).
    Please help me to sort this out, expecting your valuable comments on the same.

"LOCAL_DATABASE" and "LOCAL DATABASE" are two different names, make sure you're using the correct one.

Also, is that the actual error message you got ? Where did you find it ?
This doesn't look like an ignition error message.

Are you using historian functions somewhere ?


As the issue appears after 6 months, maybe it could be related with the table partitioning and data pruning of de DB?